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Localize with VB Language Manager Pro

Quick Facts:
VB Language Manager Pro manages the localization process
Works with all versions of VB through V6
$395 plus s/h, upgrade from Version 5 $300 plus s/h
Click here for info on the latest version.

Localize Visual Basic Apps!

Go global - quickly and easily - with VB Language Manager Professional

Have you ever tried to make your Visual Basic application speak more than one national language? If so, you’ve discovered the headache of multiple language support in VB. Strings are scattered all over the place and property strings are inaccessible in the form definitions. Even when you’re done duplicating files and writing repetitive code, headaches persist in performance and maintenance problems.   And programming with resources is not fun.

VB Language Manager Pro from WhippleWare solves all of these problems — and more. VBLM manages the localization process from start to finish. You maintain a single unmodified copy of original source code, and build localized versions in an unlimited number of national languages — without tedium, performance penalties, or maintenance headaches. VBLM does everything but translate, and it even helps with that. And there are no royalties or run time fees.

VBLM Pro runs under all 32 bit versions of Windows and works with all versions of Visual Basic except Version 1 and VB.NET. So whatever you’ve done or are planning to do about VB and Windows, you only need one version of VB Language Manager Pro.

How it Works

VB Language Manager Pro is a sophisticated tool, but it works in three easy steps. Click Extract to search your code for strings and extract them into a new VBLM project file. Next, click Add New Language and use the Language Table Editor to enter and/or manage translation. Finally, click Build and in seconds watch your application speak a new language!

String Extraction

VBLM examines your source code and uses sophisticated, customizable rules to extract only those strings that you want to translate, then creates a new VBLM project file.

Extraction rules allow precise control of string extraction by both the content and context of strings. Use pattern matching to exclude strings based on content; e.g. "Select*" excludes SQL statements. Exclude strings based on the properties or variables they’re assigned to; ignore LinkTopic and ProcedureName$, for example. Exclude strings based on the functions and procedures they’re passed to, e.g. strings passed to registry or database functions. Exclude strings based on the files they're in.

Automatic updating keeps the VBLM project file synchronized with your VB project. As you change and maintain your source code, VBLM effortlessly changes and maintains the VBLM project.

Additional features extract menu shortcut keys; extract properties stored in binary stash files; document and log the extraction process to disk; and more.

Translation Management

VBLM’s advanced Language Table Editor (LTE) makes it simple to create and maintain translation tables in as many languages as you want. Entering translations is as easy as scrolling the table and typing, or exporting and importing text files. Customize the LTE for individual needs and preferences. View, search, sort and print tables in almost any way.

Interface automatically with third party translation programs

Translate across character sets, get easy access to special characters.

Display line of source code for selected string, and click More to view the entire procedure

Width-check translations to detect and report appearance and functionality problems caused by variations in string length and width across languages and fonts

Additional features allow you to translate a string once regardless of how many times it occurs in the project, and to translate the same word differently in different contexts.


Build new single language versions of your applications by selecting a language table and clicking OK; VBLM clones your project, swaps the strings, and loads the new code into VB.

Build new runtime-switched multilingual versions by checking a box and selecting as many language tables as you want, then click OK. The resulting app queries the user for a choice of language, then runs in it. And all support code is written in fully documented VB, amenable to tinkering and customization.

Additional features allow you to extract and apply multiple sets of interface dimensions, supply fonts for character-set switching, and more.

If you need to translate your VB apps into other languages, VB Language Manager Pro is a tool you can’t live without. But don’t just take it from us; this is what folks say about VB Language Manager Pro.

“...VBLM is absolutely the best way to translate VB applications... It's a very stable and mature product and you certainly ought to check it out if you're serious about VB localization.” — Michiel De Bruijn, Multilingual Computing

“We did in two weeks what I thought would take two months. The best $ we ever spent” — Stephan Lacasse, Canada

“We love it...too bad C programmers don't have a tool like this” — Mark Lewis, consultant to banking industry, New York

“...this program is a life saver. It will save us hours of tedious work extracting strings. Thanx”— Philip Shrader, Shrader Laboratories, Mich.

“I'm greatly impressed with the power as well as the flexibility that the product offers over others I've used” — Darrique Barton, International Development Engineer, Microsoft Product Evaluation

"I'm writing to express my gratitude for your excellent product... VBLM's ability to extract, export, and import language strings enabled Sheridan to work quickly... VBLM ... allowed us to maintain a single source code base...Thanks to VBLM, we were able to complete the Japanese version of VBAssist™ 5.0 in less time...Your product and excellent technical support are appreciated." — Tim Hitchings, Product Manager, Sheridan Software Systems, Inc.

VB Language Manager Pro costs just $395 and comes with a thirty day, money-back guarantee. Download the demo, and see for yourself why you'll never localize without it again!

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